A State of Nostalgia

"Step back in time with 'A State of Nostalgia,' a blog capturing the essence of a treasured birthday memory woven with family love and nature's beauty. It narrates a day of surprises and adventures in Dolores, Quezon, echoing with laughter and joy by the tranquil Sta. Lucia Falls. More than just a recollection, this story celebrates the lasting impressions of familial bonds and the unforgettable moments shared. The author's vivid memories offer a gateway for readers to reconnect with their own past, igniting a sense of nostalgia and the enduring connections that define us."

Engr. Ervin Goh

10/14/20173 min read

As we go through life, we realize for ourselves that, if there is anything in the world
which will never come back, it is time. Once time crosses into the threshold of the past, it will never return again to the ‘present’. Its value is unfathomable and its power is inestimable. A minute is enough to be successful. A second is enough to fail. A fraction of second can make a difference between life and death. Even if it flies so fast, we’re still the pilot of the time, we are the navigator of our life. In defiance of moments fleeting, memories are permanent. Though each and every day of my life is remarkable and memorable for me, but still there are some unforgettable memories which would always leave a permanent mark like a carved wood.

It was 13th of May 2016, Friday the 13th, considered by many as one of the unluckiest day of the year, while many will laugh off the superstitious day, others will remain in bed paralyzed by fear, and while humanity is dominated by anxiousness, worrying, and overthinking on what might happen, I’m preparing for a very special day of the year, the most important event in my life that I’ve always look forward to celebrate. It’s my birthday, and I’m speaking one of the best birthdays a teenager could ever have. I remember my birthday as if it was yesterday. Before my day, I asked my mother to wake me up early in the morning; I am galvanized on what might happen tomorrow.

Nonetheless, I woke up at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and I saw them preparing for our trip. They saw me and just greeted me “Happy Birthday”, and prepared my things. Even though I felt disappointed, I thought the reason why they didn’t wake me up was because they would surprise me. However, excitement dominates all these sentiments. We only cooked and brought spaghetti to eat in our destination. We chose to visit Dolores, Quezon specifically on Mystical Ina ng Awa and Sta. Lucia Falls. We first traveled to the Ina ng Awa located near the foot of Mt. Banahaw. There were few tourists in the location. While we were looking for a cottage, I saw familiar people, and we were going towards that direction. As we were getting nearer, I found out that they are my cousins, aunt, uncles, and grandparents. The table was full of foods, desserts, and a cake for me. They all greeted me a Happy Birthday and my heart was filled with so much happiness and it would jump out of my chest onto the ground and explode with pure blissfulness. We are not far from each other, in fact, our houses are just walking distance but I did not expected that they would make an effort for my birthday, for me. I also found out that they didn’t wake me up for the reason that they were preparing foods for the special day of mine. After we ate together with mixtures of laughs, happiness, and ecstatic conversations, we went to the mystical caves located in the area. Together with my cousins, we explored the Santong Husgado Cave that said to test the purity of the spirit of those who entered. The ones with clean spirits can easily pass through and the unclean ones are overcome by rocks inside the cave preventing them from continuing. We removed our slippers and shoes before climbing the mountain since it was written on a sign board. By the mercy of God, we successfully finished exploring the cavern, complete and alive. I would never forget the huge tree and rocks on the way to the cave because if we lose our balance we might fell due to the steepness of the mountain. After delving on the cave, we stopped and sat on the rocks to see the sceneries from that certain elevation. Subsequently, we detoured to the winding footpath of Ina ng Awa, and 267 steps going down, we reached the Sta. Lucia Falls. While taking steps, one can surely hear the murmur of the cascading water as it quietly settles into a tranquil basin, truly nature as its best. We look for a perfect spot where we can grilled fish and cooked other foods. I wanted to learn how to swim so I asked my cousin to teach me and I quickly learned it. Also, we get some water from the spring because it is said to heal and cure sicknesses. We prepared and decided to go home, going home together with the memories, laughter, pleasure, and an unforgettable experience we had.

Up till now, even as I am writing this essay, I can still feel the warmth inside me
glows. The family is an important support group that creates joy and a sense of belonging through shared time together and expressions of love and affection. To recollect the past is to plunge ourselves in a state of nostalgia, the sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, for a period or place with happy personal associations.