Never, Neverland

"Dive into 'Never, Neverland,' a blog that challenges the millennial generation to confront modern-era issues and embrace personal leadership. Addressing society's metaphorical blindness, it urges readers to recognize the world's realities and reject the fantasy of a perfect 'Neverland.' The blog emphasizes the power of individual change, critical thinking, and the role of technology in uniting and dividing us. 'Never, Neverland' inspires readers to become their own leaders and actively participate in creating a better future."

Engr. Ervin Goh

10/9/20162 min read

Imagine. Imagine if you were blind, complete darkness, no colors, no views, no beauty, just pitch-black. Ask yourself, how badly you want to see? If the cure for blindness was humility and pain, would you go for it? If the cure for blindness was looking foolish, would you risk it? And If the only cure was doing the things you can’t do, would you attempt it?

Fellow speakers, listeners, and guests. We live in an era of smart phones and stupid people, We live in the world where empty people never understood their power through unity, we live in the world where every humans are like bank accounts, without a lot of money, they don’t generate a lot of interest.

Who wants change? Who wants to change? When was the last time you did something for the first time? This is the problem of the world, we all want change but we are having difficulties starting within ourselves. Let the biggest enemy you have to deal with, is yourself, if there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. They say, students make up 20 % of our population, and this generation, makes up the millennial learners. Millennials are the worst, Millennials are the lazy, Millennials are the stupid. How perfect their generation was, right?, but those who criticize our generation, forget who raised it.

The world uses technology to transform distinctive ideas into one, but as time goes by, different religions, different brigades, and different perspectives combine, combine on their own. War dominates the world!

The world has progressed, and now, we need people who think creatively, innovatively, critically, independently with the ability, to connect. Eliminate the selfishness, and eliminate the negative labels on our generation. Change is inevitable; it is the law of life. In a world full of fear, be courageous! In a world full of lies, be honest! In a world full of idiots, be wise. The world hopes to you. The world can be better, because of you.

You don’t need a leader; you need the knowledge that will teach you to be your own leader. We may be 20 % of our population, but we, we are 100 % of our future. We are not just millennial learners, WE ARE THE MILLENNIAL LEARNERS!

If seeing again, took a fight, would you claim your sights? Do you really want to succeed, Than choose to be blind. And do whatever it takes to see? Because if you don’t, you’re just blind anyway.

Change should start today! Because there’s no such world as immortality, there’s no world where you never grow up, a world without rules, no law, just pure freedom. There will never be a world where all things are perfect. All things change. There will never be a world of Neverland.