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Engr. Ervin Goh

10/14/20173 min read

Progress---eight letters, one word, easy to define, easy to say, easy to understand. Life is so ironic. Everyone wants change yet they can’t start with themselves, everyone wants progress but difficult to begin, and everyone desires to taste the sweet fruit but everyone refuses its bitter roots. Another years have passed and we’re searching for that one person to change the society, that one person who will be a great leader, and that one person who can lead us to progression.

There’s no such thing as perfect, perfect life, perfect relationship, or even perfect governance. Corruption ruled and always rules, but the whole world stops as the punisher enters the palace, prepares his ammo and guns, pointed to those who opposes, and pulling the trigger for those who disobeys. Throws bombs and grenades to dark portion and delivers light to those in need. He will let peace reigns the nation, but will never let lawbreakers dominate the country, Digong, DU30, Rody, the Punisher, or simply known as Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Declared as the 16th President of the Philippines and the 6th President of the Fifth Republic, President Duterte held his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) last July 25, Monday. Presenting his views, actions, and promises related to different economic, social, and personal issues like peace negotiations, the anti-drug war, income tax reform, transportation, and others.

Based on the analysis, it will lasts for around 38 minutes, but Duterte delivered a 100-minute-long speech because he narrates as he is just telling a story and socializes on the listeners.

Finger pointing is just a waste and a waste of a time, instead he will just use his fingers to rebuild what is destroyed, create what must be created, and fill up the cracks on the government.

At first, he tackled the loss of equilibrium on justice nowadays. The unequal treatment and unequal protection to all Filipinos, the slow progression of cases, and the laws that make life for us all miserable. The President showed that he feels what all of the Filipino feels, even what hierarchy in the society an individual belongs. He will make an effort to stop the influence and eliminate the money to the scale, so the symbol of justice will return to what it truly symbolizes---equilibrium.

President Duterte believes that there should never be a separation between God and State. Church and government have opposing beliefs, but President wants to destroy the walls between the two and let peace and the perspectives unite to create a better influence to all the Filipinos.

The main goal and target of Duterte’s administration is to lessen or even remove the influence of criminality, illegal drugs, and corruption in the country. At the first time he steps on the Presidency, there are thousands of individual who surrendered and hundreds of addicts who are now on their coffins.

President Duterte also promise to give incentives to the officials and officers that are doing their job, accurately and honestly, and will open the gates of hell, if they abused because it will reflect to the general if a single soldier stained and disrespect he’s uniform.

In terms of Human Rights, that is meant to protect every individual, serves as the shield from human dignity violators, and serves as an excuse to defend and continue their drug addiction. The Punisher clarifies that it is created for dignity, and not for self wealth and luxury.

To the inharmonic relationship between government and terrorists, President Digong declares a unilateral ceasefire immediately. All Filipinos are expecting that in the 6-years term, he will and he can eliminate the war that slayed numerous innocent individuals.

The President also dives into the economy of the Philippines; he hopes and prays to achieve a much growth and higher economy. He also cited that he will be going to lower the personal and corporate taxes, creates more investments and entertain more investors, terminate the difficulties in applying for passports and prolong its validity, and address the issues concerning the agriculture and fishermen. These drawn a smile and showed hope to all Filipino family.

Due to his humours and simple yet meaningful speech, he easily caught the attention of his countrymen. At some point, he didn’t discuss some issues like contractualization, but he successfully hit the common problems concerning the Filipino people. He stated the problem and gave the common sense solution for that. He didn’t present any statistics and data that he knew will never help on the progression of the country. Presdent Duterte makes sense on his address, delivered what his countrymen wants to hear, and start making moves to fulfil his promises.

Bill Gates once said, “If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake”. Never blame the government if you’re life becomes miserable; you’re the only one responsible on it. Do you remember the day you were born? Days, years, decades, and time passed by, we are still looking for that one person who can and who will change our community, our society, and our lives. But sometimes we just need to focus, sit back, relax, and try to look at the mirror and there we will find that one person who can truly change, achieve, and fill our thirst on the progress we all dreamed about.