The Absolute Value

"Discover the journey of turning life's challenges into triumphs in 'The Absolute Value.' This inspiring blog uses the metaphor of mathematics to explore the path to success, emphasizing education, hard work, and positivity. The author shares their dream of becoming a marine engineer, illustrating their aspirations for travel, professional achievement, and giving back to family. It's a story of personal growth and ambition, showing how a positive outlook can transform negatives into positives. 'The Absolute Value' motivates readers to find their own success formula, blending learning and perseverance to overcome life's obstacles."

Engr. Ervin Goh

10/14/20172 min read

“Life is a math equation. In order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert the negatives into positives.”

Success is just a simple word, everyone wants it, yet only few achieve it. We all spend our entire life looking for the formula of that certain aspiration. We tend to focus our attention to the success of others. Nevertheless, attention is like a searchlight; when its beam is spread over a cast area, its power to focus on a particular object becomes weak and the only way is to concentrate on a one thing at a time. We tend to forget the most important formula in life that life is mathematics, where we derive equations from the problem given. We tend to forget that nothing is impossible until you think it is.

On my 16 years of existence, I faced different challenges and I’m still here standing tall, and still here writing a composition, “Where do I see myself improving 5-10 years?” When I close my eyes and envision myself, I see a successful marine engineer; designing, building, testing and repairing boats, ships, underwater craft, offshore platforms, and drilling equipment. I see myself travelling every corners of the world. I see myself comfortably working with my co-engineers, and seeing myself with an ‘engr.’ on my name. I can confidently say that I am improving because I study hard and work to reach my destination. I always and will always prioritize education because it is the best weapon in life.

On the next 10 years, I am marked as one of the best engineers in the world. I want to see myself known to be the greatest in this profession. I’m always dreaming of reaching and travelling to every country and spend time appreciating the beauty of the Earth. I see myself helping my family financially and bringing back all the efforts and gratitude to them. I will work hard to make them happy and wipe all the tears and eradicate all pains form the past. I will make them the most proud and confident parents. I will give them all the things, time, and sacrifices that I once received.

Yes, I see myself improving on the next 10 years, that I am successful because I am happy being a marine engineer, I am happy on what I’m doing, and I am happy on helping every person that serves as my stepping stone to reach my achievements.

As we go through life’s journey, I have already found the formula and the real meaning of success: it is when your inner peace and mental control enable you to be happy under all circumstances, being contented on what you are, and making your loved ones proud on where you are. I learned that we should always be in an absolute value, that whatever is inside is positive, and will never allow a room for negativity inside our boundaries.