The Power of Media and Information and the Responsibility of the Users

"Explore the critical role of media in democracy with 'The Power of Media and Information and the Responsibility of the Users.' This blog highlights media as a key pillar of democratic society, emphasizing its role in safeguarding public interests and promoting awareness. It discusses the importance of media literacy and responsible consumption in the digital age, where information is abundant. The piece stresses the need for etiquette and discernment in using various media forms, from print to digital, advocating for media as a tool for truth and understanding. This insightful read calls on users to recognize their significant role in maintaining democratic values and integrity in communication, reflecting on the power and responsibility we hold in an interconnected world."

Engr. Ervin Goh

10/14/20172 min read

Media is the sword arm of democracy. It acts as a watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness. Today when politicians are taking full advantage of their positions, an evil nexus of mafia and crime syndicate is making the life of the common man miserable, and ordinary people are just a mere spectator, media has a greater responsibility. As the fourth pillar of democracy along with judiciary, executive and legislature, media of today has an all embracing role to act against the injustice, oppression, misdeeds, partiality of our society, and also served as a way to express emotions. To me, having a media literate society is the essence of having a democratic society. It is the essence of having the ability to both enhance and protect our precious freedoms. It presumes that we, the people, are smart and capable and responsible. It reinforces the expectation that, if we are responsible, others should exercise responsibility, as well. We will always be updated on what’s happening to our surroundings, and we can freely express our thoughts and perspectives about certain issues, our freedom of speech, thanks to media.

We, the users should always be responsible in using the media(print, broadcast, digital). If we follow the certain etiquette on every type of media it can lead to success not only in college but in your career and throughout your life. We always want to come across as professional and mature when communicating in real world and in the cyber. The good behavior and manners are never out of style. Over the centuries, as society has become more democratic, etiquette has become an excellent combination of good manners, common sense, and rules of conduct that reflect cultural norms and the rules of our society as a whole rather than just one distinct group within it. Etiquette, like all other cultural behaviors, evolves to match the times. Without etiquette, members of society would show far too much impatience and disrespect for one another, which would lead to insults, dishonesty, cheating, road rage, fist fights, and a rash of other unfortunate incidents. Etiquette is merely a set of guidelines for politeness and good manners, the kindnesses with which we should always treat each other. It will always matter!

In the age of information technology we are bombarded with information. We get the pulse of the world events with just a click of a mouse. The flow of information has increased manifolds. The perfect blend of technology and human resources has not left a single stone unturned in unearthing rampant corruption in politics and society. Thanks to technology that has brought a kind of revolution in journalism, but just like feeding an infant, the world has prepared all the things we need, the only thing we must do is to digest all the truth and vomit all the untruthful information. Use the media as a bridge to communicate information together with the proper conduct and behavior, and with the proper etiquettes.